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Jason Braun currently teaches English at Western Illinois University. He’s the director of the Online Writing Center at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He hosts “Literature for the Halibut” a weekly hour-long literary program on KDHX 88.1.

He has published fiction, poetry, reported or been featured in The Riverfont Times, Prime Number, ESPN.com, Big Bridge, The Evergreen Review, SOFTBLOW, The Nashville City Paper, Eunoia Review, Star*Line, Mobius, Camel Saloon, Front Porch Review, Jane Freidman’s blog, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more.


With Dan McKenzie, Braun has released two apps:

Paradise Lost Office App contextualizes John Milton’s epic poem for the cubicle crowd and is available at iTunes where it charted to 144th most downloaded paid business app.

The Homophone checker at homophonecheck.com, which allows writers to quickly proofread for errors that word-processing software typically skips over.


As an Editor:

From 2011-2013 he was the Associate Editor of Sou’wester at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He’s still involved with the literary journal as a reader, public relations editor, and spirit guide. Thought Valerie Vogrin does all the heavy lifting there. She’s the Chief. Check out her book, Shebang. http://www.amazon.com/Shebang-Valerie-Vogrin/dp/157806564X

Since 2012  he’s been a contributing editor at criticalmargins.com. Have an idea for a story about book culture, technology, and reading in the digital age? Send me a message here or at: jasonleebraun@gmail.com.

In 2011 he collaborated with post-beat Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, of 100 Thousand Poets for Change fame, to produce an anthology of called Fusion.  http://www.bigbridge.org/BB15/2011_BB_15_POETRY/JASON_BRAUN_FEATURE/bb_15_braun_feature.html


Other collaboration:

Braun has also written a comic book with DC Comic’s graphic novelist Matt Kindt, and directed the audio-visual presentation for Adrian Matejka and his National Book Award-winning Mixology.

Braun releases music under the moniker Jason and the Beast.

There are no stolen samples here. The team producing and co-producing
beats with Jason Braun is growing daily, but as now it is:

Jerry Hill/ DJ Uptown (Produced a number of tracks)
Mic Boshans (Drums, Found Object Percussion)
Elaine Holtz (Keys)
Dan Meehan (Guitar, Keys, Bass)
Dan McKenzie (Fife, Bass, Vibes, Atari)
Emily Sudholt (Vocals)
Josh Evans (Engineering/ Bass/ Guitar)
Shae Moseley (Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals)
Will Jones (Producing/ Engineering)
Dustin Sendejas (French Horn)
Jon Weiss (Trombone, Tuba)
Matt Kindt (Design and Illustration)

For booking, press, and more call or email Jason: 314-614-3717,

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