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What Can Writers Learn from Radiohead, Netflix, and Spotify?

What Can Writers Learn from Radiohead, Netflix, and Spotify?

In Episode 16 of our podcast, Kevin Eagan and I hunt down Models for the Future of publishing?

http://criticalmargins.com/2014/07/11/episode-16-models-publishing-future/ via @criticalmargins

“Watch your mouth!” But I’m talking about books, baby. I hope you can dig it.

Check out the link to the latest Critical Margins podcast on “The Sacred and the Profane: Reading Naughty Words in Books.”


Podcast: The Unwashed Reviews

Kevin Eagan and I aren’t policing the police but in this podcast we are reviewing the reviewers. From the New Yorker to Amazon Reviews and everything in between is up for grabs.


So there’s this podcast thing Kevin Egan and I have been doing for a few months

Check it out if you like literature, writing, spoken word, technology, burritos, train rides, smartphones or just podcasts. You can get it at iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher Radio.

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CIA and The Iowa Workshop


Did you know the CIA helped fund the Iowa Writer’s Workshop in the 1960s to combat the Soviets? This is all according to an article by Eric Bennett in the Chronicle of Higher Education:“How Iowa Flattened Literature.”

This sounds like something from the Coen Brothers or Matt Kindt, but it happened.

Here’s a podcast that Kevin Eagan and I did about it for Critical Margins.

Some good press. That’s all I wanted for my birthday.

It’s my birthday and Flyover Country decided to say some nice things about the hip hop and the poetry. Good press! That’s all I ever wanted for my birthday.

Mark Oprea asks some great questions about poems, lyrics, music, themes, public perceptions and more in this. We discussed Jay Z’s Decoded, compare Dante’s Inferno to every thing DMX ever wrote, and put 50 Cent in a room with Joseph Campbell to see who dies and who is resurrected first. Shakespeare, Roethke, and Eminem are also put on notice.


Lit Elitists and Critical Margins first ever podcast

In the first-ever Critical Margins podcast episode, Kevin Eagan and Jason Braun discuss the debate over whether literary fiction is for snobs, and why some think it’s elitist to read literary fiction.

You can find out more information about the Critical Margins podcast at CriticalMargins.com.



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