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Paradise Lost in The Office app Released Today

Paradise Lost in The Office is the app that asks, “What Would Lucifer Do?” The quotes pulled from John Milton’s epic cut through the philosophical fluff of the ages to the essence of power, spin, and strategy. Milton’s words hold their own against Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings, or Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. Paradise Lost works as a how-to get what you want in life or instruction manual in spin, niche marketing, employee motivation, outsourcing, hostile takeovers, and geoarbitrage. Read the quotes on the subway, while you are stuck in traffic, or while your boss has their back turned to you pointing at some chart. These words from Milton are actionable, but take action at your own risk.

Download the app at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paradise-lost-office/id524619644?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

What they are saying about it:

“I downloaded it this afternoon and I already gained wisdom from it.” Benson Schliesser, Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc.

“One of our creative writing students (Jason Braun) at Southern Illinois created the Paradise Lost Office app for iTunes, which (hysterically: but will some people take this seriously?) offers cutthroat “how to get ahead” business advice using quotes from Milton’s poem; who knew Milton was so useful for niche marketing and office spin?” Eileen A. Joy, SIUE English Professor

“So you think you have control of your life. You have all the answers and sense of self satisfaction. Perhaps you do, but perhaps you need some extra guidance through the hard times. Satisfaction is hard to come by,let Milton ( with the help of the beast and friends ) guide you through the troubled times. Buy this app, have you ever had $.99 save your life and piece of mind? Except for a loosey nothing else will come close.” Jason Gonzalez, Roustabout St. Louis, Inc.

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