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Here’s a video by Zia about Hip Hop, Poetry, and Dyslexia

One of my poems, “Klimt Flashback” is up at MUSED

It’s got everything a poem should have: reference to a painting and Hamlet, a redhead, and death.


Don’t worry about the “infertility” in the web address above. Everything’s a-okay here.

An absurd poem of mine is up at Clutching at Straws

It’s me at my Tom Waits-y-est!


One of my poems just went up at Front Porch Review

The poem is about a solder coming home. This is a much shorter poem than The Odyssey.


My poem Cosmos just went up at the Evergreen Review


Today’s Poem

Simon of the Desert

Refuses goats milk
because one day it will turn
and refuses the girl
because one day she’ll age
and refuses the young man’s
piety because he does not grow
a bear and refuses the eyes
of his mother because she knew
him before he martyred
and he drank at her breast
and hell is an unexpected
airplane ride, beatniks,
and a wife forever dancing
with other people.


-Jason Braun

Today’s Poem

Presidential Debate October 3rd, 2012

I didn’t watch because my vote
is as good as cast. Nothings news
here: Obama is a handsome,
charismatic man. Yes, I could
watch him brush his teeth,
and be compelled.
But he would have to confess
he’s a product of an unnatural
birth in space, undress
down to a lizard-man
skin and eat a small child
live to lose my vote.
And this is why Republicans
have their fingers crossed.

-Jason Braun