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James Bond poem with Audio

James Bond poem with Audio

Love James Bond and poetry but have a hard time putting them together? I did it for you here. 


iPad, Digital Watches, and the Caveman



Here’s a blog post I did for Kevin Eagan’s blog Critical Margins. It stars like this:

The October issue of Wired Magazine is “The Design Issue,” and it is fruitful to think of this particular issue and theme as being the right time and place for a full-page advertisement for the nuud, a case for the iPad designed by LifeProof. The iPad is produced by Apple, which is a company obsessed with design.Wired’s target market is a white, male, Apple-buying collection of “hackers.”

iPad, Digital Watches, and the Caveman

Check it out.


Show Review of Jason and The Beast, Robb Steele, Bus Driver, and Buck 65

Show Review of Jason and The Beast, Robb Steele, Bus Driver, and Buck 65

Converging on the Firebird from the outer fringes of hip hop, Buck 65 andBusdriver, along with Robb Steele and Jason and the Beast, gave us proof that underground hip hop is still like the Wild West, full of pioneers and prospectors mining gold.

The first act of the night was Jason and the Beast, featuring Jason Braun (one of the hosts of 88.1 KDHX’s Literature for the Halibut) on vocals, Adam Sirgany on the saxophone and Matt Jones behind the turntables. Trying to label this trio with generic terms like “rap” or “hip hop” isn’t possible, as their set transcended the traditional norm and could have easily been a re-enactment of a Beat Generation-era poetry slam. I wondered the entire time if I should be snapping my fingers instead of clapping. Overall the set had a bit of a film noir feel and would have been equally at home in “The Maltese Falcon” or a Charles Bukowski reading.

Braun’s delivery was more like a spoken-word performance than a rap act, his timbre and cadence meshing well with the background music. His lyrics are poems that tell vivid tales of life, often drawing inspiration from classic literature and artists, such as Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and the photographs of Cindy Sherman. With his long hair and mustache, Sirgany looked like a young “Blue” Lou Marini while playing some fantastic runs on his baritone sax, creating a river of notes for Braun’s vocals to sail on. DJ Matt Jones created a great mood for the set. His scratches didn’t seem out of place given the atmosphere set by the sax and vocals, and he dropped some samples that were reminiscent of old 3rd Bass and Del the Funky Homosapien tracks.

Matt Champion Writes at KDHX.org


They’re Raving about our Lit Mag Sou’wester

They’re Raving about our Lit Mag Sou’wester


Check Out This Big Bridge Anthology I Edited

Check Out This Big Bridge Anthology I Edited

Months ago Michael Rothenberg and I came up with the idea of collecting poems that work equally well on the page as well as the stage. We decided to call this online anthology from Big Bridge, “Fusion.” Specifically we were trying to weave a tapestry of Beat Poets, Slam Poets, Black Arts Poets and Hip Hop Poets. We were looking for poets from those movements and peripheral to them, as well as poets inspired by any and all of those movements. We were working to show the similarities of these movements as well as celebrate the cultural and individual differences.

What I received, were great lyric poems. Fusion features one poet from Israel, one poet from Ireland, and one Fulbright Scholar. Fusion also fully represents the outsider arts as well, featuring a few poets that will count that as their second or third publication. They all follow Kerouac’s decree to “moan for man.”

Jason Braun


“Made This For You” in good company in Future of the Book Blog

“Made This For You” in good company in Future of the Book Blog